As an Entrepreneur, I have to please to collect experience as the (1) CTO of Oakenshield.io where I co-developed a dynamic and large-scale warehouse management platform, (2) CTO of University of Cambridge’s Learning Environment Optimisation Research Group where I developed a platform to automate the optimisation of virtual environments, and (3) CTO of Jengu.io LTD where I develop neuromophic computing hardware to promote Human-AI co-evolution.


CTO and Co-Founder of Jengu.io LTD

Founding Jengu.io LTD with Mirco Moenks, and Tanyaradzwa (Tanya) Mangoma. Designing 3D printed, low energy, non-silicon, neuromorphic AI chips that seamlessly integrate with the human biology.


CTO and Co-Founder of University of Cambridge’s LEO R&D Group

Founding the LEO (Learning Environment Optimisation) R&D group with Thomas Bohné, and Erik Bubík. This project aims to study how virtual environments can be optimised using artificial intelligence.


Oakenshield development pauses

Legacy systems adapt to the challenges of the COVID pandemic.


Business case: Oakenshield

A business case that was conducted in collaboration with a German maximum care clinic revealed potential savings for one hospital of 52.750€ p.a. using Oakenshield.io’s platform1.


CTO and Co-Founder of Oakenshield

Together with Benjamin Schoenfuss and Mirco Moenks, I co-founded oakenshield.io. Oakenshield aimed to accelerate digitalisation in warehouse management. Motivated to address the managerial challenges of the COVID pandemic, we created a scalable and dynamic warehouse management platform.

  1. Details can be found in this report []